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Top Rated Herbal Incense

Looking for a Top Rated Herbal Incense? Follow these 5 steps and you'll be sure to find yourself a great quality herbal incense that will leave you satisfied. 

There are plenty of factors that go into the decision making of herbal incense shopping. By that I mean, you need to look for hints in a product to make sure it's rich and high quality. These steps, accumulated from years of experience in the herbal incense industry and dealing with almost all of the herbal incense companies out there, will certainly help you make the right decision.

Find Top Rated Herbal Incense

Step 1: Define your desire. Are you looking for a product that is potent, smooth, aromatic, or flavorful? It's important to know this so you can narrow down your options.

Step 2: Search "herbal incense", "buy herbal incense", "herbal incense reviews" on Google and view the top 5 websites. Make a note of the company that appeals to you. Look for professionalism in their site, and the way they present themselves. 

Step 3: View the top 3 websites for the search result "herbal incense reviews". You will find websites that do nothing buy review herbal incense. Most of them do a good job. For instance, herbalincenseguide.com & k2spice.blogspot.com are the top 2 in my opinion. They provide honest reviews of pretty much all products out there. Be sure to view their "top rated herbal incense" pages as well. 

Step 4: Make a note of the top 10-15 companies that you are interested in thus far.

Step 5: Contact each company and ask them a simple question about their products or anything else you like. Why? Because this can tell you how quickly their customer service answers inquiries. The faster the response, the better the company is going to be. If they never respond, remove them from your list right away. It's important to realize that there are tons of herbal incense companies that are temporarily visible and they may disappear the next day. Do you really want to risk your health by ordering from such companies? No. 

Step 6: Let's say 7 out of 10 companies responded to your question. Now go on google and search the name of the company + reviews. Example search "??? company reviews" (don't forget to replace the company name with the question marks.). Go through the list carefully and see if anyone has posted anything about this company. Sometimes you will find in blogs and forums people share their experience about a company. These are valuable factors to consider.

Step 7: Let's assume 5 out of 7 companies had positive reviews. At this point, we can say that all 5 companies are good options. So which company do you shop from? I, personally, would go back to their website and pay attention to details. How professional is their site? Do they look like a company that would disappear in a short time? Check out their Facebook page and analyze the activity on their page/wall. Are many people interacting on their Facebook site? By answering these questions you are sure to find a Top Rated Herbal Incense that will leave you  satisfied and happy. 

What's Next...?

After you have found a top rated herbal incense, it's time to make your purchase. Be sure to share your shopping experience with us! We'd love to hear your feedback.


3 Tips on Writing The Best Herbal Incense Reviews

This is one of the most asked questions we see on forums and blogs: "How do I write an honest herbal incense review that is both interesting to read and non-promotional?" 

The answer is simple: share your experience freely as if you were telling your friend about a new herbal incense product that's "off the hook" as they say.

Here Are The 3 Tips on Writing a Great Review:

1. Think of Your Experience It's important to realize that a great product does not make a great shopping experience. There are other elements involved such as customer service, shipping, price, etc. Of course without a great product all of the above could mean nothing. But just keep these factors in mind when writing your review. 

2. Be Honest If the company offered you a freebie in return for your positive review, don't feel pressured to write a biased review. Remember that your review may affect the decision of many people and so it's important to be completely honest about your experience. Also make sure to mention in your review that the company offered you, let's say 10 grams of herbal incense for your positive review. This lets other people know that you are being honest. 

3. Focus on Both The Positives & The Negatives Be sure to let everyone know of the cons and pros of your shopping experience. If there was a delay in shipment, or the customer support didn't respond to your question, let everyone know. Not only does this motivates the company to improve their customer service but you also express yourself freely. Not all companies are perfect so people do expect a few issues along the way. At the end, summarize your review by saying that whether you would shop with this company again or not! This will tell people that you were happy or unhappy with your overall experience. 

Be Brave and Speak Freely! Start writing your first herbal incense review today!


Herbal Incense Reviews

Herbal Incense Reviews

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